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No.Name of the Officer and present post heldPhone No.Source of RecruitmentYear of AllotmentDate of BirthDate of Appointment to I.A.S.Date of Appointment to present postPay and Special Pay If any Rs.Educational QualificationRemarks
1 Shri Ajay Bhadoo
Municipal Commissioner,
Vadodara Municipal Corporation,

RR 1999 11/02/1971 20/09/1999 17/07/2018 Level 14 in the Pay Matrix B.E. (Civil Engg.) Cadre
2 Shri Banchha Nidhi Pani
Municipal Commissioner,
Rajkot Municipal Corporation,

RR 2005 15/07/1976 01/09/2005 23/09/2016 Level 13 in the Pay Matrix M. Phil (International Politics) Ex-Cadre
3 Shri M. A. Gandhi
Municipal Commissioner,
Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation,

Selection 2004 13/01/1964 23/02/2009 06/04/2018 Level 13 in the Pay Matrix M.Sc. (Microbiology) Cadre
4 Shri M. Thennarasan
Municipal Commissioner,
Surat Municipal Corporation,

RR 2000 25/07/1971 04/09/2000 29/09/2016 Level 14 in the Pay Matrix M.Sc. (Agriculture) (Entomology) Cadre
5 Dr. Ratankanvar H. Gadhavicharan
Municipal Commissioner,
Municipal Corporation Gandhinagar,

RR 2009 01/11/1984 31/08/2009 12/11/2018 Level 12 in the Pay Matrix M.B.B.S Ex-Cadre
6 Shri Satish A. Patel
Municipal Commissioner,
Municipal Corporation,

SCS 2005 20/07/1962 30/12/2013 08/02/2019 Level 13 in the Pay matrix M. Com Ex-Cadre
7 Shri Sumera Tushar Dalpatbhai
Municipal Commissioner,
Junagadh Municipal Corporation,

RR 2012 13/11/1982 03/09/2012 06/06/2019 Level 11 in the Pay matrix M.A. (English Literature), B. Ed. (English) Cadre
8 Shri Vijay Nehra
Municipal Commissioner,
Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation,

RR 2001 06/07/1975 02/09/2001 13/07/2018 Level 14 in the Pay Matrix M.Sc. (Chemistry)

No. City Municipal Commissioner Telephone No. Fax
1 Shri Vijay Nehra Municipal Commissioner,Ahmedabad (O)07925352828 -
2 Shri Banchha Nidhi Pani Municipal Commissioner, Rajkot (O)02812224133 -
3 Dr. (Ms.) Ratankanvar H. Gadhvicharan Municipal Commissioner,Gandhinagar (O)07923220440 -
4 Shri M.A. Gandhi Municipal Commissioner,Bhavnagar (O)02782510532 -
5 Shri M. Thennarasan Municipal Commissioner,Surat (O)02612422244 -
6 Shri S.A. Patel Municipal Commissioner,Jamnagar (O)02882552321 -
7 Shri Tushar Dalpatbhai Sumera Municipal Commissioner,Junagadh (O)02852650450 -
8 Shri Ajay Bhadoo Municipal Commissioner,Vadodara (O)02652433344 -