Right to Information

Right Information Act - section 4 (b) of 2005 Bear the points related to the under 17 set by the General Administration Department, Personnel Division Information

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1Details of the organization, functions and duties 1-27-11-2017.pdf (118 KB)
2Duties of Officers and Employees 2-27-11-2017.pdf (220 KB)
3Function of the decision making process 3-27-11-2017.pdf (262 KB)
4Functions to decide the norms 4-27-11-2017.pdf (147 KB)
5To serve used to work on maximizing the rules / regulations, etc. 5-27-11-2017.pdf (180 KB)
6Public authority or person under his control register of documents 6-27-11-2017.pdf (141 KB)
7Financial advice to members of the public policy implementation ghadatara or Academy voters - if any arrangements for consultation or representation details 7-27-11-2017.pdf (117 KB)
8Board, Council, committees and other groups 8-27-11-2017.pdf (123 KB)
9Officers / Employees Information Manual (Directory) 9-27-11-2017.pdf (484 KB)
10Officer Personnel Remuneration 10-27-11-2017.pdf (373 KB)
11Budget Provision 11-27-11-2017.pdf (284 KB)
12Subsidy programs implemented by the Department of Systems 12-27-11-2017.pdf (120 KB)
13The incentives provided by the Department, permit the recipient adhikruti details 13-27-11-2017.pdf (120 KB)
14Available Electronic information 14-27-11-2017.pdf (508 KB)
15Details of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information 15-27-11-2017.pdf (122 KB)
16Public Information Officers Name, Designation and other details 16-27-11-2017.pdf (185 KB)
17Other useful information 17-27-11-2017.pdf (66 KB)

* Chapter : 7, 12, 13 and 15 of the General Administration Department, Personnel Division does not apply.

Right Information Act - 2005 of under Public Information Officer, Assistant Public Information Officer and Appellate Authority under section details and act-4(1)b of 17 manual to account under the head / subordinate offices (General Administration Department, kaga division) in the Details

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1 Principal Secretary Office of the Governor, government house, Gandhinagar PDF file that opens in new window ( 670 KB )
2 Governor of home Directorate, Gandhinagar PDF file that opens in new window ( 162 KB )
1 Gujarat Public Service Commission, Gandhinagar PDF file that opens in new window ( 66.4 KB )
2 Registrar, Office of the Lokayukta, Gandhinagar PDF file that opens in new window ( 2.77 MB )
4 Gujarat Secondary Service Selection Board, Gandhinagar View Page
5 Gujarat Civil Services Tribunal, Gandhinagar View Page
7 The State Election Commission, Gandhinagar View Page
8 Special Officer on Departmental Inquiry, Gandhinagar PDF file that opens in new window ( 3.29 MB )
9 Haj Committee of Gujarat State, Gandhinagar View Page